"Children's Introduction To Dance" provides the young dancer with the basics of ballet technique, coordination, flexibility, use of space concepts, interpretive movement and musicality development.   "Combo" classes give the young/novice dancer the opportunity to try out multiple dance forms in one class.  Combos 1 & 2 Classes provide an introduction to Ballet, Tap and creative movement.  Hip Hop/Jazz classes allow the older novice to learn the popular jazz and hip hop dance techniques.


Ballet is THE foundation and basis of all forms of dance.  Classical, contemporary, and modern ballet styles are taught with an emphasis on proper technical training and injury prevention.  Ballet also develops proper placement, coordination, flexibility, balance, control, grace, and musicality. 


Hip Hop

Hip Hop is the latest, high energy form of dance!  Classes are taught with the most current, edited, appropriate versions of music from the pop culture of hip hop.  Hip Hop dance techniques such as poppin’, locking, krumping, freestyling and basic breakdance movements are taught.  Dancers are given the opportunity to develop their own sense of style as well. 


Jazz is a motivating, energetic, ever evolving dance form.  This technique is taught through the basics of ballet technique developing further coordination, flexibility, balance, strength, musicality and rhythm.  Classes are taught by breaking down turn, leap and jump techniques as well as flexibility extensions while fostering each individual student’s style.

Contemporary dance is a fluid form of dance combining the beauty and control of a ballet basis, with the sharpness of jazz, and the interpretive side of modern dance.  Dancers are taught to interpret their movements with feeling, motion & style while incorporating a  strong emphasis on technique. 



This form of dance was the 1st of it’s kind developed exclusively at Dance Tech Studios.  This is Hip Hop with a combination of Breakdance and gymnastics designed just for boys.  Pop and edited Hip Hop music is used.  Boys will develop coordination, strength, flexibility and musicality. 


Tap focuses on the dancer’s development of coordination, musicality and style.  Tap techniques taught include “Rhythm” and “Broadway” tap styles.  Tap is a percussion instrument of rhythm and sound produced by the dancers’ feet.  


The company program offers dancers the opportunity to take their dancing to a higher level. Dance Tech Studios offers this program to dancers ages 6-18, from beginner level through pre-professional level in Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical, Hip Hop, Ballet and Tap. Company dancers are expected to perform at a higher standard in their dance training and are provided the opportunity to reach their individual goals. The main focus of our companies is to provide our dancers with a venue to be on stage frequently at a competition level both regionally and nationally. The company program develops goal-setting and organizational skills in a positive, self-esteem building atmosphere. The companies develop a strong sense of self-respect as well as respect for their peers and teachers. There is a strong sense of "team" and unity as a company "family". Over the past 19 years, our companies have been awarded hundreds of high-point awards at State and National competition levels. 





Offering professional coaching from the head of University of Utah Cheer! Including stunting, cheer, pom, tumbling, flexibility, strength/cardio and, injury prevention!


WERQ (pronounced “work”) is the wildly addictive dance fitness class based on the hottest pop, rock, and hip-hop music.  Since its debut in Chicago, WERQ has been featured as one of the hottest workouts in the US. WERQ makes dance accessible to every level of student and includes quality instruction by Certified Fitness Professionals. What makes WERQ different than all the others? It blends athletic dance moves with Top 40 hits. No one does hip hop like WERQ.   

Werq Schedule

Tuesday: 7:00pm-8:00pm

Contact Jenny direct with any questions